The Making of “The Burrow”

Badgers to take on Humans in new film to be made by Director Barry Bojangles

They said it was impossible - but with a storyline featuring the annihilation of the human race "The Burrow", the first blockbuster being made 100% by badgers for badgers, is bound to be popular with today's young badgers. Director Barry Bojangles is really breaking new ground, we visited them on set to find out more.

Roger’s Story

A shocking new documentary highlighting the issues facing badgers in modern society.

We’ve heard the story so many times – rural decline, urban displacement – but how is it affecting the children? Roger, a badger from northern Britain, tells his story.

The Website of Stephen Coombs

His father is now the subject of a major new documentary

In early 2012 this website appeared, it was then that his father Roger Coombs knew his son Stephen (pictured) had been radicalised by extremists.

Cogito Ergo Badger

Academic website of TV’s Dr Lindsay Moignahan

Lindsay Moignahan, badger Liaison Officer for TV’s Nature programs, is now gaining wider attention for her scientific research into human agression, and the possible potential of neuro-linguistic programming, to reset their brains.

The first badger to study for a doctorate at London’s UCL, see her academic blog, for all her latest findings.

French Badger Threatens Bombing Campaign

Jean-Claude Du Val, leader of the quasi French violent resistance group La Fraternite, talks to Lindsay Moignahan

In her first TV interview, Lindsay Moignahan, gets an exclusive with the firebrand leader of the French badger resistance movement as he calls for a bombing campaign against England. His views are not shared by